MSLA Medical - Legal Evaluations

MSLA is a Medical Corporation that specializes in multi-specialty med-legal and second opinion evaluations for the California Work Comp Industry. We have multiple locations throughout the state from San Diego to Arcata and are constantly adding new locations to our network.

Our doctors are experienced, board certified physicians and psychologists who are known for their objectivity and in-depth knowledge of the AMA disability rating system as well as the ACOEM Guidelines for the care of an injured worker. Our doctors have both the QME/AME status and are well known throughout the work comp community. They are compassionate and caring doctors who will spend quality time with the injured worker.

In addition to our QME/AME and second opinion evaluations, we are proud to offer a wide range of psychological services including surgical clearance, decision making of AOE/COE issues, chronic pain and failed back syndrome. Our psychologists have served as expert witnesses on numerous occasions and are well versed with GAF and the most current PD Schedule when it comes to rating the injured worker.

MSLA Medical-Legal Evaluations

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