About MSLA

MSLA was established in 1998 and has been growing ever since. We have built our reputation on superior customer service, outstanding report quality, and rapid turnaround time.  Our business philosophy incorporates exceptional customer service and accurate evaluations, both of which are the primary factors for our growth since our inception.

MSLA's Core Values are what help define how we conduct ourselves. They are the "rules of the road" that govern our daily actions. MSLA's Core Values are at the heart of our business and are subsequently extremely important to understand and operate by.

Integrity: Do the right thing. Our clients, patients, and providers all expect this of MSLA and we deliver on this promise in every facet of our business.

Honesty: MSLA is devoted to honest and fair business practices. We work vigorously with all of our partners to ensure that we manage ourselves in a way that cannot be viewed as anything else but 100% ethical.

Action: We at MSLA encourage all of our staff members, clients, and providers to move MSLA forward. Whether it be customer service, technology or new business ventures, we want to work with any interested party in improving our service delivery.  This takes a total team effort and MSLA is committed to just that.

Teamwork: We are all dependent upon each other to succeed in life, so we need to do our best to treat others with respect while reaching toward a common goal.  No matter what your interaction is with MSLA, you are considered a part of the MSLA Team!

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